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What We Offer

UAS Remote Pilot
FAA Test Preparation

Get the study materials and classroom training you need to pass the FAA UAS Certification Test

UAS Training Consultation

Does your organization need initial and recurrent pilot training? Do you need assistance with the development of regulatory and safety procedures?

Upcoming Classes

Remote Pilot Class

March 28, 2019

Beaverton, OR | 8:00AM
Remote Pilot Class

Coming Soon

Bend, OR | 8:00AM
Remote Pilot Recurrent

Summer 2019

Beaverton | 7:00pm

Classroom Training $275

Our classes cover the following topics to prepare you for the FAA exam:

    • Federal Aviation Regulations
    • Certification Procedures
    • Chart Reading
    • Maintenance Requirements
    • Airspace
    • Safety of Flight
    • Weather Theory and Services
    • Basic Aerodynamics
    • Weight and Balance
  • Practice FAA exams

Each student will receive study materials and current aeronautical charts.

Why getting your FAA UAS Certificate is important:

As of August 29, 2016 the new laws regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as ‘drones’ are now in effect. These new regulations will allow people to obtain a FAA UAS Pilot Certificate. These new laws create an economic path for those who wish to operate a UAS for commercial purposes. These new laws are referred to as Part 107

It is against the law for anyone to operate a drone for anything other than recreation without a pilot certificate. Anyone taking pictures or video for profit, search and rescue, or educational research without an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate doing so illegally and subject to FAA civil enforcement. Organizations are not going to want to do business with an unlicensed pilot.

There is no flight test associated with a UAS Pilot Certificate, but you will have to take a written test at an FAA approved testing center. We have created a ground school developed to focus solely on providing education for anyone wishing to become certified regardless of your aviation experience. My goal is to get you the knowledge to be a professional UAS Pilot.

You will receive the knowledge to exercise your right to fly within the National Airspace System safely and efficiently. Get the credentials you need to engage in professional photography, survey, search and rescue, or any other unmanned aircraft application that you can dream of.

Meet Lead Instructor Andrew Cochran

I am an Airline Transport Pilot with over 13,000 hours of flight time. I am also a Certified Flight Instructor with 15 years of instruction experience. I have instructed hundreds of students many who are working as commercial pilots today. I have many hours of classroom experience as a former instructor for the College of Aviation Science at Portland Community College. I am also an instructor pilot and examiner for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Understand the FAA regulations and procedures can be difficult. I try to create a fun learning experience and teach a real world understanding of Aeronautical knowledge.

Lots of people can teach you how to fly a drone. With my years of experience I will teach you what you need to know about operating professionally within the national airspace system.


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